I am a strong believer in keeping it simple with regards to digital media. Occasionally I will have a polarizing filter – but no fancy editing and enhancing of the images, just occasionally brightness and contrast. What you see are pretty much straight from the camera to the media, although I am exploring black & white and sepia renditions of some of the color images.

It all began when I discovered that my parents owned a Brownie 44 box camera. I was 5 years old and it was fun seeing everything upside down in the viewfinder. I used to play with it until they discovered that it actually had an undeveloped film in it. It was even more fun when they had it developed – nothing memorable but I was hooked. I got my first camera, a Kodak 35mm Instamatic, on my 10th birthday and I still have the black and white snaps from the first film in a scrapbook. Since that time, I usually have a camera close at hand – you never know when that perfect shot will present itself .

As far as equipment goes, technology has moved on a bit from the Box Brownie, so my next camera was a Praktica LTL3, followed by a Canon AE1, then on the a Canon Rebel and then on to a variety of Canon Digital SLRs. All lenses are Canon EF.

Having spent a lot of time photographing people and many friends’ weddings, I have generally moved away from humans as subject matters and now focus (no pun intended) on wildlife, nature, sunsets and landscapes – as well as the occasional trains, planes and automobiles.

The photos that are in the galleries contain the copyright text which will not be on the ordered photos. All photos are for sale and can be custom ordered as matted prints in luster, gloss or as stretched canvas.